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Five Reasons Physios are Great Help for Chronic Pain

February 28, 2020
Reasons Chronic Pain

People with chronic pain often find it difficult to know where to go for help. They can get conflicting information from different health professionals, family, friends, articles in magazines etc.

Here I’ll make the case for why physiotherapists are optimally positioned to help chronic pain sufferers.

  1. Physiotherapists have a particular focus on assessing and treating musculoskeletal conditions. Chronic pain often has an underlying musculoskeletal condition such as joint or tendon pathology.
  2. Exercise (both specific and general exercise) has been shown to be effective in relieving chronic pain. Physiotherapists frequently prescribe specific exercises to help address causes of pain, as well as advising on graduating exposure to load in a general exercise regime.
  3. Physiotherapists have an understanding of current research into pain and are well positioned to help educate patients on the causes of their pain and on ways they can help to relieve their pain.
  4. The combination of exercise prescription and education help patients to feel more in control of their own recovery (an internal locus of control). We know that patients with an internal locus of control are more likely to recover.
  5. Physiotherapists can look for indicators that it’s necessary to refer on to other professionals, for example a surgeon when musculoskeletal causes may require surgical intervention, or a psychologist when anxiety, depression and/or PTSD appear to be having a significant impact.
Chronic Pain

If you’re suffering from chronic pain, see our physiotherapist in Aubin Grove today for help getting a better understanding of, and treating your condition!

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